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How do I pronounce your name? 😳

According to myth and legend, Séalan is pronounced "SHAY-lan" in Irish Gaelic, with the stress on the first syllable "SHAY". The first syllable, "Séa", rhymes with "day", and the second syllable "plan", is pronounced like "LAN" in "land". To confuse things, I often mispronounce it myself, so feel free to call me Shay.

Who are you? 🤔

I am the Founder and Managing Director at Patch Digital, a London-based digital agency focused on accelerating digital commerce through cultivating and delivering innovative solutions.

I’ve spent over 15 years in the digital agency world. I’ve worn many hats but primarily held a technical leadership role, completing large-scale, complex, high-profile digital projects. Most of my work has been within the arts and live entertainment industry.

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